Ridiculing the understanding of democracy Mobocracy at its height

Dance of democracy as understood in the context of Manipur and nothing can get more farcical, more tragic and more stupid than the drama that was rolled out for one and all to see during the second phase of the polls on March 5. As noted in an earlier comment here, the confrontations, the violence, the booth rigging and the bravado that one saw in some polling stations had nothing to do with one’s belief in the ideology or beliefs of a political party or even the candidate concerned, but had a lot to do with tribe or community affiliations. Moreover why doesn’t it dawn on the consciousness of these people that the violence they perpetrate, even to the extent of causing death, will not take them any closer to the candidate or party on whose behalf the violence was perpetrated in the first place. Can anyone with sense in his or her head say that the violence they commit, the booth rigging and physical assault, even to the extent of causing death would make them any more indispensable to the candidate once he or she is elected and becomes an MLA or even a Minister ? Be very clear about one thing. The violence that is perpetrated will not be seen as a parameter of defining one’s closeness or loyalty to any candidate that it would merit to be awarded.  The second phase of the polling ended nastily for many and digest this, even as some rejoice at the dance of democracy, with over 75 percent of the eligible voters turning out to exercise their franchise rights, to many the day would be remembered as the death anniversary of the unfortunate two persons who lost their lives on the said date. If March 5, 2022, sealed the fate of the candidates and by extension the people, to some other it would be remembered as the death anniversary of someone close. This is the tragedy that was staged for all to see and hear. If use of money power and how much one voter was paid was the talk after the first phase of the election on February 28, the talk of the second phase will centre more on the violence that was seen across many polling stations and the talk may well revolve around how much proxy voting took place and which sub-tribe group got the better of the other in the physical confrontations that broke out over many places.
So it is more than clear. Winning election here in Manipur today involves not only highlighting what one intends to do, what one stands for and the ideology of the party on which ticket one has entered the election ring, but also encompasses the art of winning and this necessarily  includes the art of using violence and intimidation. This was what was on brazen display in so many Assembly Constituencies in the run up and on the actual day of voting on February 28 and March 5. It was this, which the Congress tried to take political mileage out of, pointing accusing fingers at the BJP of greasing the palms of militant groups which have signed the SoO pact with the Centre and the State Government. That the allegations of the Congress have been brushed aside is another matter, but an accusing finger has already been raised and it stands that a number of people have been assaulted and beaten with the villagers all pointing the accusing finger to groups which are under the SoO pact. All indications that muscle power or rather gun power was used to the hilt in the election and this can have a bearing on the outcome of the election. Come March 10 and Manipur will know the tragic twist that has just been given to the understanding of the phrase ‘dance of democracy’ and if at all there is a dance, then it would definitely come close to the understanding of the funeral dance. A funeral for all the principles and beliefs of democracy.