Alone but not lonely

M Minakshi Devi

Isolating myself from city lights,
Nattering to my soul seated under the stars,
To hear it's tale of how it's been hurt,
How it healed and adored it's scars.

I tried to recognise my soul,
Staying hidden behind my anger, smile and pain,
Or living in disguised within the words,
I speak , write or hide.
Thus, being to myself
Doesn't really go in vain.

Now I know myself as a person I love
And don't need to impress others,
As I've known my soul is in white
And need not to show them
In different colours.

An ocean of worries before me,
A whirl of puzzles of life,
So I settle for this bottle of wine,
As gloomy as it seems,
Life is still beautiful.