Fourth wave scare as cases increase across country


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Guwahati, Apr 16
After people in India relaxed hoping that the COVID-19 terror has ended, a spike in cases across major cities has hinted towards a possible fourth wave.
The major cities include Delhi and Mumbai.
COVID-19 cases saw a sudden spike across the country when the people had taken a sigh of relief and started their normal lives.
The concern grew as Delhi started to report new cases with 325 fresh COVID-19 cases on Thursday.
The positivity rate was reported at 2.39.
A fresh advisory for schools was introduced with this new surge.
The Delhi Government said that the number of cases might have increased but the hospitalisation rate is low.
Along with this, Mumbai reported 56 new cases on Thursday. Mumbai now has 346 active cases and the recovery rate is at 98 per cent.
In Noida, 20 students across many schools were tested positive.
All schools across Noida and Greater Noida have been advised to immediately inform the Health Department about any child with cough, cold, fever, diarrhoea or showing any symptoms of COVID-19 for timely treatment.
The same was reported in Gurugram which saw a sudden surge in the cases.
Gurugram on Wednesday registered 146 COVID-19 cases which was the first triple-digit positivity report since March 4 this year.
These few instances have hinted that the cases may increase in the country leading to a possible fourth wave.
However, of all the States in the country, Assam has reported a sharp decline in the cases with almost no cases being reported in the past few days.

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