Covid spread up by 500 pc in last 15 days among Delhi residents : SurveySurvey covers 11,743 residents of Delhi, NCR

New Delhi, Apr 17
The number of people in Delhi-NCR reporting someone getting Covid in their close social network has risen by 500% in the last 15 days, a survey has claimed.
Around 19 per cent residents of Delhi-NCR responding to a survey revealed they have one or more individuals in their close network who has had Covid in the last 15 days.
The 'Covid network prevalence' marks an over 500 per cent increase in the last 15 days, said LocalCircles, the firm that conducted the survey.
The survey received inputs from 11,743 residents located in all districts of Delhi and NCR, the firm said.
It asked the respondents: “How many individuals (including children) do you have in your close social network (family, friends, neighbours, colleagues) in Delhi-NCR that have had Covid in the last 15 days?” In response, the majority of the respondents, 70 per cent, said: “No one in the last 15 days”. An 11 per cent said “1 or 2”, eight per cent said “3-5”, and another 11 per cent “couldn't say”.
The similar question the firm asked on April 2 had found that only three per cent residents had someone in their close social network who were infected with Covid in the last 15 days.
The survey results come as Delhi witnesses a sudden surge in the Covid cases.
Delhi on Saturday recorded 461 fresh COVID-19 cases -- 5.33 per cent of all who were tested -- and two deaths, according to the data shared by the city Health Department.
Around 67 per cent of the respondents were men, and 33 per cent were women, said LocalCircles.
It claimed that the survey was conducted among only validated citizens, who had to be registered with LocalCircles to participate in the survey. NDTV