Few more to CM’s 100 days programme

Free Thinker
First, Ministers may be allocated or reallocated portfolios to start working for 100 days, initially. All possible political appointments may be made at the earliest to stabilize the MLAs. There is nothing wrong to have few deputies, it shall not dilute the power and function of the Chief, and rather it will provide equilibrium and tranquility. Key functionaries at the State and District level may be rearranged accordingly for better service and compliance.  
War against drugs and fight against corruption must go on; these are continuing battles. We cannot end the war on drugs at once and we cannot finish corruption instantly. These are time consuming affairs. For drugs, in the first hundred days attention may be paid towards the conviction rate vis-a-vis drug related crimes – nil conviction can’t propagate deterrence in the society.
Our worry is, Golden Triangle appears to be bulging towards NE India in terms of poppy plantation, processing, procurement; earlier it was mere transit.
For the anti-corruption drive, a revamped cell is being opened in the CM’s Office; high level officers are to man it. We can’t eliminate corruption at once; in the first 100 days let’s spread awareness among the top leaders and top officials. Corruption is not only bribe taking and giving; it includes all kinds of malpractices & manipulations including favouritism, nepotism & romantic gestures at State cost; so let us go slow, otherwise everyone will be caught. Appointment of Logayukta in the State will be a strong armour and message.    
Twenty-five thousand rupees for poor girls; pension to 10,000 widows; 16,000 new beneficiaries for old age pension; health camp in each Block (should continue intermittently);16 Model Anganwadi Centres ; 19,000 e-phones for the poor students; solar power system in the Health Facilities of 3  hill districts; Children’s parks in 6 hill districts; sustainable scheme of livelihood for the poorest families ;  50,000 prepaid electric meters in 68 sub-divisions ; finalization of Greater Imphal  Plan;  completion of New Civil Secretariat; Statue of Ebudhou  Marjing ; installation of tallest Tricolour Flag pole at INA Moirang ; Inter-State  Bus Terminal at Sekmai – these are commendable initiatives.
During these hundred days no DC, SP, DFO, or other important officers can take leave or leave the station without the prior permission of Chief Secretary, DGP or the concerned Head of the Service/Branch. Don’t take it to heart; it is just an advisory to remain alert and prompt in the implementation of the actionable points highlighted by the new regime led by Shri Biren. One should not construed these as his agenda; it is an agenda for the State with a bonafide intention.
State offices shall work 5 days a week, except for educational institutions.  It is not a bad idea – Centre also does the same. But 5 days of sincere  work  for the people and the State must be assured by the concerned authorities. Attention and dedication to the work assigned is  one such. Certain level of sincerity is required.
 HODs  must  say no to  - sorat,  asti,  luhongba ,  ushob,  mapam-chakkouba,  manahutpa ,  swasti ,  lugunthangba  -  during office hours.  If they have to attend the ceremonies or rituals , let them take proper leave or  half day leave . A kind of new work culture needs to be built up. Official work should not  be allowed to suffer except on the ground of illness or emergencies.
Planning for an all-round development is a brilliant idea. Taking initiative for the Greater Imphal  Ring Road project is appreciated. Cleaning of Rivers is again an act to be applauded. Moreover the promise to hold the elections of local bodies  including the Dist. Councils are a welcome step. It may not be the paraphernalia of  hundred days' achievement. But these announcements repose faith in grass root democracy.
Coming to the most important part, resource mobilization; without money we can’t even take up a single scheme. How long do we have to depend on Sister Sitharaman ?
Modernize and upgrade Moreh-Tamu  trade;  Office of Dr RK Ranjan ,Union Minister will be of great help for its embellishment.  Restart State lottery, including single digit raffle. Revamp fisheries in a big way, hatch/breed the fishes in millions and release them freely in all the water bodies including  rivers, lakes, streams and ponds.
Catch Dr Lukram of DU or Dr Vedajit of CAU - their expertise in fish hatching and breeding is remarkable- why can’t we use their knowledge ? Ignite a blue revolution and stop the invasion of Moreh rahu. Let all the essential goods come through trains inside the State.  Taxing truckers on National Highways by private parties should be replaced by the State machinery. Legalise and commercialize local liquor for export to other countries and States, our brew is a hot cake everywhere – cheap and best. Increase the levy on petrol up to the Mumbai level to discourage plying of private vehicles. Mind you, petrol and liquor are still outside the ambit of GST. These are the areas where Smart States exploit.
Finally, the salaries and allowances of our Hon. MLAs may be increased up to that of Telangana State so as to appease them and also prevent them from indulging in magic activities like gobbling up Local Area Development Funds.