Call for a face-lift for cross-border town Moreh

Lunminthang Haokip
Contd from previous issue
As a self-styled social analyst for the liveable border town I would like to, God willing, spend my retired life with re-tyred vigour in, I think it is not asking for too much to demand Aizawl’s Lengpui Airport-like airstrip at Moreh. Helicopter services have limited capacity. Tha fare is also beyond the affordability of the common man.
Best Port of Call : Whether we like it or not, Moreh is not only the best port of call for Indian Chambers of Commerce  to export and import trade items to and from ASEAN through surface transport, but is the only corridor for the Nation. The route of Asian Highways is no more up for negotiations at this stage. Unless we  want to see ourselves caught napping and don’t desire to see NE India catching up fast with the rest in modernisation, all concerned will do well to give a serious fresh attention to the infrastructural requirements of the Region’s only inlet and outlet to boom-time.
Holistic Approach: A port has a hinterland. A river is joined by its tributaries. To promote Moreh as the happening place, the importance of road connectivity of the border destination with other key towns of Chandel and the neighbouring districts should not be soft-pedalled. The construction of the 100 odd Km DC road from Moreh to New Samtal in the south easternmost corner of Manipur is already underway. Likewise, black-topping of the Chandel –Sugnu–Chakpikarong–Lonpi–Joupi–Khengjoy–road that ends at Molcham near Myanmar’s Zohmun will move things faster and lighten the burden of Moreh. Widening and improving the BRTF road from Tengnoupal to Machi and Ukhrul district will connect the hill districts  better and enhance people to people contact. But all these ongoing proposals and projects will sadly miss its target unless Moreh becomes accommodating enough to welcome all the communities of North East India with open arms and psalms like, for example, Goa does to its own prosperity.
Love is the Greatest: All said and done, the Bible that we swear by, commands us to love our neighbours, to love strangers in our land and take good care of them. All the ASEAN metros prosper in direct proportion to the warmth of the hospitality they exhibit to strangers in their cities. God warned the Israelites that they too were strangers in Egypt when he planned their way out. Let us always remember that “Giving never empties the purse and loving never empties the heart”. Foreigners go again and again to Singapore, Bangkok, Kerala  etc. because they know they  will be treated well.  Moreh ought to take the initiative to create an investment climate for big cash to flow in. Let us not be narrow-minded but be Nehru-minded.