MPSC : Re-recruitment of MCS/MPS officers

Free Thinker
It is really a difficult task to re-conduct a written exam which was held some 7/8 years back. Out of some 1100 candidates you are supposed to pick up 164 odd candidates for interview and out of which you have to select 82 officers - as MCS or MPS or MFS etc.  This is going to be the real acid test for the new Chairman. Oh, yes, doctors’ recruitment exam is also there.  
Manipur Public Service Commission is an institution to conduct recruitment exams of the State Gazetted officers. They also conduct DPCs for the promotion of State officers. MPSC is supposed to be a vibrant institution having a free and clean hand. Political interference and internal malpractices often mar the image of this important institution. We have seen scandals after scandals. Few Chairmen tried to streamline or cleanse the system but there were/are too many obstructions.
There is a saying that 'catch them (officers) young' , for the good of the society.  From this re-processing or re- recruitment we won’t be able to get very young officers. However, we will get some experienced officers who had already worked in the Government for 3 years or so. They have lots of  experiences in a few years’ time. They are still daring to take up new assignments. Many of them are not afraid of going to far flung areas –no botheration for posting transfer. Wherever they are, they will be happy. Single, unmarried young boys and girls are the best to handle difficult situations, but the chances of committing blunders are higher.  The married ones are more cautious and careful and commit less mistakes.
Elderly officers have become argumentative, egoistic and lethargic. They want non- hectic or non-burdensome assignments.  Such employees are happy doing regular conventional work. Many are allergic to computers and new software and technology. Whether they are young or elderly, they all have a common die hard habit that is to follow the political bosses – believing that bosses are always right. This is the notion to be corrected. Political bosses must be guided by the officers in the right direction; they must be told boldly what is right and what is wrong.  We need upright strong officers who can give right advice to the political bosses.
According to an estimate nearly one thousand candidates may re-appear in the re-written exam. After the re- written exam, the selected candidates are going to be called for re-interview. At least 164 candidates shall be called for the re-interview.
This time there are some expected questions from the interviewers – how are you going to fight the drug mafia backed by big bosses?  And what will be your contribution to the State sponsored corruption – to halt. Other questionable questions are: what should be the link language between two States like Manipur and Nagaland - Hindi or English or Tamil ? And why ? Are you so sure the Prime Minister wants to lift AFSPA from the NE ? Give a solid reason for this ?
Just sharing the Central pattern of viva voce, one unique Board Member may ask very clinching questions; for instance, who broke the bow of Lord Shiva in the Sayambor of  princess Sita ? What is the English name of Ram Setu which is located in between India and Lanka. Are you familiar with Gayatri Mantra and Hanuman Chalisa – cite any one.  What is the idea of Akhand Bharat ? NASA discovers that the sound of rotation of the earth is “OM”, what is your understanding of OM ?  
If the pattern is followed here too – interviewees may expect the similar questions. Do you believe that Buddhism went to Burma via Manipur ? Can you find a link between the monkeys of Mahabali and the monkeys Kiskinda.  Whether Brabubahon killed Arjuna  or not ? Is Engourok Mahadev  white or black ? How old is the Vishnu temple in Bishnupur ?
If you are not selected what will you do? Doing business, joining politics, going to a cosmopolitan/metropolitan city looking for a job,  becoming a Thikadar (contractor), working for an MLA or Minister,  going for agriculture, opening a tuition /coaching centre – what is your plan B or C ? This is the most important question for which one must have a ready answer.  Mind you only 82  are getting the jobs. The rest must race for life and livelihood.   
Some serious questions contemplate serious answers – how are you going to arrange drinking water in a hill district during the dry season ? How are you going to destroy the poppy plantations without giving an alternative viable option for survival ? How will you deal with a bullying local leader backed by non-Governmental gunmen ? Will you (police) have the courage to arrest the local MLA of the Ruling Party for committing a cognizable offence ?
Final compulsory question for all - in our increasingly corruption free society as an honest officer of the State, will you be able to survive only on your salary ? If your replies to queries of the Board are satisfactory, you are almost in (200/200). Please note Laishram Sir.