Song of spring

M Minakshi Devi

Nature rings bell, it’s echoes tell - Arrived again the Spring,
To kill chill, serenity to shower, brilliance to bring.
Growing now greens winding up wintery white,
Flourishing floral plants upon hills and plains to look bright.

Around all, the bell’s call rolls the season’s charismatic ball,
Sooth each soul,render human spirits become tall.
Cause wonder and warmth stand stout and strong,
Rouse rabbits hop in steps long,
Spark lonely larks sing lyrical song.

The season swells, its floral scent spreads in the air,
Allure hidden animals come out of their lair.
Sips the sweetest extract of the season’s essence is the koel,
The loyal singer of Spring, the bird of royal.

So fine the Sun shines, hurls humble rays, warms the Earth,
Teases all blossom buds to pop open in a mirth,
Enriches environ,paints a silky scene with green dye,
Begets flock of birds fly in fun in the blue sky.

Pretty petals,fancy flair shake in rhymes with windy air,
Whilst feathered creatures nest in greens in cheer or with care.
What's all these curative juices , all those creative joy?
It’s the fabulous fever of Spring,
Favourites of each soul, for each girl and boy.

Oh! Ready to depart now the sweet Spring being subdued,
Awaits arrival of a sharp season, the Summer,
Urges us, but ,
To get drenched in refreshing rain, welcome the newcomer.