IMFL worth Rs 1.5 lakh seized

IMPHAL, May 10 : The Coalition Against Drugs and Alcohol (CADA) seized liquor worth around Rs 1.5 lakh from New Checkon, today.
A press release issued by CADA said that the liquor was seized from Sinam Sanajaoba (59) of New Checkon.
The seized items include Royal Stag full (8 bottles); Black Label full (6 bottles); Signature Premier full (40 bottles), Signature  half (12 bottles); OC Blue full (8 bottles), OC Blue half (40 bottles), OC Blue quarter (20 bottles); Old Monk full (20 bottles), Old Monk half (30 bottles), Old Monk quarter (20 bottles); Blenders Pride full (30 bottles); McDowell's No 1 full (20 bottles), McDowell's No 1 half (10 bottles); B&G black wine full (5 bottles); Sterling Reserve full (9 bottles), Sterling Reserve half (6 bottles); Soju (40 bottles); Fortant red wine full (3 bottles); Rendezvous wine (2 bottles); Magic Moment full (8 bottles), Magic Moment half (6 bottles); Myanmar beer (20 cans);  Kingfisher beer (24 cans); Boom beer (36 cans); Corona Extra half (30 bottles); Breezer beer (16 bottles) and Chang beer 10 cans.
The seized liquor were disposed of in front of RDS School at Palace Compound.