Guest house inaugurated at Uchekon Laikon

Governor La Ganesan inaugurated a newly constructed memorial pillar and a guest house today at Radha Madhab Mandap, Uchekon Laikon, Imphal East.
The inaugural function was organized by Anisuba Lanjaoda Shri Govindajee Lengthabiramba Ningshing Khubam Seva Committee (ALGLNKSC) in connection with the 9th Memorial Day.
It is worth mentioning that the memorial pillar and guest house were constructed in memory of ALGLNK by Power Minister Th Biswajit Singh, under the MLA Local Area Development Fund (LADF) provided by the Government for small developmental projects.
Addressing the gathering as chief guest, Governor La Ganesan encouraged the people to render yeoman services whenever necessity arises.
 "Man is born to do something in this world. The role of God is to create human beings with a purpose and we should perform our duties in whatever way we can", he stated.
The Governor applauded the relentless efforts of ALGLNKSC in upholding the tradition of observing the Memorial Day of the auspicious halting of Lord Shree Shree Govindajee at the Mandap for the last eight decades.
Appreciating the initiatives taken up by the Seva Committee and Th Biswajit especially for the welfare of the people, the Governor said that he firmly believes that the Committee will extend its help and co-operation to the needy people irrespective of their social positions. He also urged representatives of the State to work with sincerity, honesty, dedication and transparency to win the hearts of the people.
Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba Sanajaoba extended his gratitude to the Governor of Manipur for encouraging the members of the Seva Committee and also Th Biswajit Singh for constructing the guest house and the memorial pillar under his initiative.
He alos drew the attention of the Governor to the road from Wangkhei to Yairipok.
Th Biswajit Singh said that the construction of the memorial pillar and the guest house has been achieved after many struggle and it shows the dedication of the Seva Committee and the people of the Constituency.
Highlighting the importance of installing the memorial pillar and construction of the guest house he said that future generations will remember the history of the State related to this particular site which will become a tourist spot.
 He urged the Seva committee to publicize the importance of this site all over Manipur and to invite them to visit and avail the facilities provided.
The Minister also proposed the setting up of a garden after acquiring land from the nearby area and to upgrade the Mandap to make people understand the historical importance of the memorial pillar and the surrounding area.
It is worth mentioning that the memorial pillar, dedicated to peace and unity, was built in remembrance of the agony of the war and the historic event that occurred during World War-II leading to evacuation of the Royal Palace of Imphal on May 10, 1942 along with Lord Shree Shree Govindajee at Uchekon Laikon, Imphal East. The Lord was worshipped at Radha Madhav Mandap of Gurumayum Tombi Sharma from May 11 to July 30, 1942 before returning to the Palace temple.
The Governor along with RS MP Leishemba Sanajaoba and Th Biswajit Singh also released a souvenir during the inaugural function.
Dr Ch Jamini Devi, Advisor, ALGLNKSC, M Govinda Singh, Treasurer, ALGLNKSC, representatives of ALGLNKSC, invitees and others attended the inauguration ceremony.