Declare Thangjing Hill as heritage site, urges KIMACS

IMPHAL, May 11
The Kanglei Indigenous Martial Arts and Cultural Society (KIMACS) has appealed to the Government to declare the sacred site of Thangjing Hills as a Heritage Site as per the Historical Monument Act and also a Reserved Forest Area.
KIMACS in a press release termed the restrictions imposed by some organisations of other communities while performing religious practices in Thangjing Hills by the Meiteis and in initiatives taken up to protect the hill range which is of significant importance to the Meiteis and urged the State Government to take up stringent actions against such organisations who are posing hindrances.
Expressing dismay over the repeated impositions of restrictions by people of other communities while performing traditional and religious practices by the Meiteis in sacred sites located in certain hill ranges, KIMACS termed that such acts is disheartening.
In order to protect the sanctity of such sites and preserve the traditional and religious practices of Meitei community, KIMACS urged the Government to take up appropriate measures at the earliest. KIMACS also appealed the authorities to probe the entry of outsiders into such sites since there are reports of clearance of forests and planting of poppy by the alleged outsiders from neighbouring countries for mere monetary gains.
Lastly KIMACS urged the Government to safeguard the Reserved Forest Area declared by Mrs Dankan under Manipur Darbar in 1932.