PCCF clarifies

Dr Aditya K Joshi, PCCF & HoFF, Manipur Forest Department has issued a rejoinder related to the news under 'Community based sustainable Forest Management' COSFOM-KFW project implementation in Ukhrul district which was published in various local newspapers on May 8.
The Sangai Express too had carried the said report filed by the Ukhrul correspondent under the heading, ‘Fund delay hinders project’.
The statement asserted that the news item highlighted the erratic fund flows which caused hindrance to the working of the project and clarified that the funds as per the requirement and guidelines of the project had been released on instalment basis.
Expounding on this, the statement maintained that the first release of funds was made on May 14, 2020 and the next batches were released on July 22, 2020; October 27, 2020; January 6, 2022 and March 16, 2022. Funds in the year 2021 were not released as the Village Micro Plan was in progress and the preparation of Micro Plan for a particular village is required for further release of funds, the statement added.
The rejoinder further mentioned various exercises that were not completed due to COVID-19 restrictions such as Participatory Land Use Pattern (PULP), Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Livelihood Improvement Plan (LIP), SHGs formation etc.
In connection with the release of funds for SHGs under Livelihood Improvement plan, they are done on instalment basis, the statement clarified, adding that the first batch of instalment was released on January 6, 2022 for four SHGs each in Choithar and Shirui village. The remaining funds for SHGs will be released on subsequent instalments, it added.
Three NGOs namely VEDAS, PARDA and CAPARV were assigned to the village under the project in Ukhrul district, the statement continued. As per the applications received from the NGOs and the criteria fulfilled by the applications, PARDA happened to be the only applicant received from Ukhrul district at that time, the statement clarified. However, it also noted that there are plans to further increase the number of NGOs serving the district.
Lastly, the statement mentioned that the water reservoir tank at  Choithar has a water inlet from a nearby stream. The statement added that the inlet was temporarily diverted to accomodate the need for extra water for the upcoming new Church building at Choithar. However, the provision for the outlet is in place but has not been functional as the village authority has not decided which household would be supplied from this water reservoir tank, the statement added.