Saikot MLA sets up base at CCpur

Our Correspondent
CCpur, May 13: Saikot AC MLA, Paolenlal Haokip has set-up his base at Churachandpur Mini-Secretariat, to serve the dual purpose of fulfilling his electoral promise and inform the public that a Government allotted quarter is still pending for him even after two months of the election.
Speaking on the occasion, Paolenlal Haokip claimed that an MLA, elected by the people to represent them should be easily accessible and available to the people who they represent.
"You will no longer need to go to Imphal to meet your MLA. I’ll be accessible within the constituency itself", he added.
It may be mentioned that his theme, "Wind of Change" during the electoral campaign was embraced by many.
He had unseated TN Haokip, a seasoned politician and a prominent figure to represent Saikot AC, the second most populous assembly segment in Churachandpur.
The Wind of Change office, as was fondly referred to, will be open to the people on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9.30 AM through 12.30 PM and from 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM.
While inaugurating his base, Paolenlal also alleged that he had applied for an accommodation at Imphal but favouritism still deprived him of an MLA quarter till today.
"For the people to learn that their elected representatives have to tussle to find a quarter is a disgrace for the Government", he asserted.
The MLA further stated that he had intended to highlight the same by opening an office at Churachandpur.