I the Earth

M Minakshi Devi
I the Earth and The earth is us,
Every extensive forest,every river that gush.
On bare hills fists of grey heaven smote,
Floating in our midst the warm Sun
Aiding every life, lilliputian to significant.
The sea on me roars and trembles like a dream.
In the night whirlwind roar in the towpath
Among the cosmic dust
The miles-deep Greenland
Sliding nine miles a year towards the sea
Sands, endless, quivering in the heat
Conjoining the sky in a coppered haze
The distant fountain we have left unheard,
The unexplored, but visible island,
All on Earth,the Earth that is us.
But, billion souls,apparently Earthlings
That walk on Earth,
Leaving outlines of blurry footsteps
All that they leave is filth,
Setting on town and tilth.
All seems so foul and decayed,?Shed the first tear as the dream starts to fade.
I cry in vain, for I am crippling,
Awaiting a redeem,please plant me a sapling.