The savour of one desire

Shahnaz Islam
Hustle of traffic
In red and green
With whirls of more motor horn and
The thrust radio in my car
All concealed and unfortunate but,
In fierce search of oasis
“why not play the recorder?”
That someone said
And felt the rain...

Tale of love abraded by rain
Tale of absence gore my veins
Tale of glimpse bygones stake my chest
And sounds of raining sings melancholia,
Glooms every joy we together savoured
Once alive,
And some ghosting nights...

And my mind full of abandoned tasks
Knock inside the glass of my car
Here’s signals green.
I felt,
This vehemence of your desire
I am savouring,
Both unconsciously and unconditionally
Since shrouded you in the riot of 2008!
(Bombay songs, 1995 depicts as playing)