Plight of State pensioners

It is often said that in order to understand someone’s pain you must put yourself in their shoes.
With great admiration and belief in the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to invoke and draw the attention of the authorities concerned and citizens alike about a painful yet neglected issue regarding pensioners and the never ending tedious process to claim one’s own pension.
How long does it take to complete the entire process ? How many workforce is required to do the job (Obviously it’s not as demanding as building a nuclear missile) is it? How much one should pay (bribe) in order to speed up the process ?
To put forward a painful fact, retirees of 2020 of some “state departments” have not received a penny yet. It’s 2022 now and they remain clueless and penniless.
Can you imagine how they must be surviving over the years without any earnings ?
Can you imagine the expenses of processing their paper work-both physically and monetarily ?
Can you imagine the mental torture they receive from office workers ?
How many retirees have passed away without reaping their pension (which is their own money), after giving services for over 30 years ?
How many are homeless waiting for their pension to build one ?
How many children must be depending on this for their studies ?
How many families must be depending on this for their daily lives ?
How many are struggling health-wise waiting for their pension for a decent medical treatment ?
Do they really deserve this ill-treatment, after all their sacrifices and after being a loyal pawn?
Therefore, through your reliable and trusted media, I urge all the authorities concerned and the people involved to be more considerate and on humanitarian ground to speed up and do the needful. There is no equality nor justice when one sits under AC in palace and others are homeless and hungry.
Yours Faithfully,
James Khamasam
Phungreitang, Ukhrul District, Manipur-795142.