SN Chand : The father of Manipuri cinema

Meghachandra Kongbam
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Meanwhile, Anita who gets pregnant fails to convince her boyfriend to marry him and rather than accepting her, he turns her away.
The traveller an old gentleman unexpectedly finds Shanti who disguises as a tribal woman in a hill village and helps Shanti and her husband Binoy in reuniting.
Binoy searches for Ravi and brings him to unite with his sister. His mother also realizes her past misdeeds and arrogant nature. The traveller hands over Shanti, her husband and their little child to their family. And he moves away singing the traveller’s song. The film closes with a positive note.
The film was made with SN Chand’s previous team- Anil Gupta as Cinematographer and Rasbehari Sinha as Editor.
The film was released on 20th September 1974 at Usha Cinema, Imphal.
Without any credit, SN Chand extensively helped GC Tongbra, a distinguished dramatist, in making his directorial debut film- Khutthang Lamjel (1979). He also acted in RK Kripa’s Ingallei (1990). He expired on December 12, 1989.
On Film Promotion
SN Chand was actively associated with the Film Society of Manipur established in 1966 for the promotion of a good film movement in Manipur. As a resource person, he presented research papers on ‘Recent Trends in Contemporary Cinema’ in the Seminar on Trends in Contemporary Cinema jointly organized by the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, the Film Society of Manipur and the Manipur Film Development Council at JN Manipur Dance Academy in Imphal on April 24, 1982.  In his paper, he elaborated the trends of silent and talkie films and the emergence of the Italian neo-realism wave which had influenced Indian filmmakers like Satyajit Ray.
He indicated that the regional filmmakers should have adequate knowledge of the film medium and the social significance while making films.
In another seminar held on August 23, 1983 at JN Manipur Dance Academy, Imphal organized by the Manipur Film Development Council in connection with the Eastern Indian Film Festival, SN Chand presented a paper on ‘Problems in Making Manipuri films’ which highlighted the revolution of regional cinema in 1955-65 in India, the importance of Manipuri cinema in the small State of Manipur, lack of facilities in the production, distribution and exhibition sectors of Manipuri cinema, film policies of Assam, Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab and its positive impacts in the promotion of regional film industry, and the need of a Film Policy in Manipur.
SN Chand was a member of the Governing Council of the Manipur Film Development Council from September 1981 to April 1987 and one of the Directors of the Board of the newly converted Manipuri Film Development Corporation Ltd. from May 1987 to 1988-89.
The Manipur Film Development Corporation Ltd. and the Cine Artistes and Technicians Association, Manipur paid rich tributes to SN Chand, the true patriot of Manipuri Cinema by organizing functions
every year.