Latest advancements in TB science in spotlight

Bobby Ramakant – CNS
Contd from previous issue
It has shown improved safety, pharmacokinetics and superior potency. Sutezolid and Delpazolid are new oxazolidinones in phase 2b/2c studies. DprE1 inhibitors (a novel class of anti-TB agents) are also being developed. OPC-167832, in combination with Bedaquiline and Delamanid, is being evaluated for safety and efficacy of a 4-months regimen for drug-sensitive TB.
GSK3036656, a novel translational inhibitor, has been found to be safe and well tolerated after single and multiple doses in its First-Time-in-Human Study for shorter treatment regimen. Existing TB drug Bedaquiline could be a potential suitable candidate for long acting injectable.
One single dose of long acting formulation of Bedaquiline was found to maintain drug and metabolite concentration for up to 3 months in mice. Modelling results expect that this would also be observed in the clinic. New diarylquinolines (like TBAJ-876) may be good candidates for long-acting TB preventive therapy.
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