Powerless power

The Govt or more specifically the Power Department  is playing a poor joke on the people.  People who pay taxes, people who buy power supply. The people are consumers. The power tax is paid beforehand thanks to the prepaid system and this is where credit ought to be given to the former Government.  The point is, if we have paid for something then shouldn't it be supplied to us ? Or does the Government have a  different understanding  ? The lights went out for more than 12 hours on May 3. And even as this commentary is being written there is no power. The question is how can there be development or as the line goes 'Double Engine' when power is cut for more than 10 hours ? Is this the defining norm of the Government  ? This is a joke on the people and this is something which the people  should raise their voice against. The Government should listen and not be deaf and blinded by the 32 members who got elected. The Government is infamous for pulling up many for their critical  comments on the social media and now the question is, if they are so sensitive to what is being said on the social media, why don't they take note of what is being said on the power situation on the social media ?
Manipur has a long way to go. There is power deficiency, the roads and streets are a mess. Look at what happens after some hours of downpour ? Or is comfort to be taken by citing examples in other parts of the country where there are power trips ? And what has happened to the water supply promise ? Tap water in households? The Government should wake up to these facts instead of downrunning the previous Congress Government. It is not only stopping economic blockade that makes a Government work.
Tap water in every household ? Anyone remember the 2017 election manifesto of the party in power at the moment ? The point is the Government needs to start working to address  certain basic points.  It should address the piling garbage at Nagamapal, at the marketplace near Shankar Talkies at Lamphel etc. How about the road just in front of Raj Bhavan where the road has been dug up, though it may be just 'machet khradani'. The people have high hopes from the Government and it should start addressing  the points which are basic to everyone. And the less said about the Imphal-Jiribam line the better it would be. Hope the honorable Governor takes a road ride on this stretch then the whole picture can be known.  Manipur wants a Government that works and the BJP should understand and appreciate the seats it won in the just concluded Assembly election. 2012 is still fresh in the mind of all thinking people.