The element of surprise

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
When was the last time someone surprised you or you surprised someone? I realized this week that when life surprises you with a good event which is least expected, it leaves a very happy scar on your memory. Whenever we remember people, we always think about some very specific events- like the teacher who threw you out the class, the girl whom you had a crush on in college, the friend with whom you fought the most, first kiss, last goodbye, mother’s touch, father’s embrace, the cuddles of your pet and so on.
When someone makes an effort to surprise you, they re-create a whole real larger than life event for you. They track you, try to hide things from you, make all arrangements in life to just see one thing. That smile on your face. The greater the curve of your lips, the higher the intensity of your emotions, the greater your joy – it is directly proportional to their happiness and satisfaction. For them, it would seem that the two actors for whom this script was created, directed and produced is liked by the audience.
It’s a blessing to be able to bring a smile to someone’s face. If someone is trying to do that, then be thankful to the universe that you are fortunate enough that someone considers who is worthy of their love. Any relationship has its ebbs and tides. But it is the responsibility of people involved in it to make it work. A small bunch of flowers could mean the world to someone. It takes a little effort to make someone feel special, but it might boost their confidence in themselves, it might reinforce the feeling of love and help you love yourself and life a little more. It’s not just like tears of ecstasy flow when you see someone special- it’s a real emotion, physically expressed as a gesture.
The problem is that we want people to make our lives beautiful. Try this week to make an effort to love someone extra, to light up someone’s day by an act of kindness, to make a person close to you feel more special, call up an old aunt who loved you the most during childhood or tell people how much they matter to you. This small gesture will probably mean the world to someone. It’s a beautiful feeling to be in love. It’s an emotional reaction that makes people achieve greater feats in life. It is not just pleasure, it is also a motivation for someone to change from just surviving to actual living.