Story of Bangladesh’s Padma bridge : More than just a bridge ?

Dr Malika-e-Abida Khatta
Contd from previous issue
The Padma Bridge is not just a bridge; it is a great asset of the country.
Padma Bridge is a multi-purpose road and railway bridge built over the Padma River in Bangladesh. The south-western part of the country will be connected to the north-eastern part. Construction of the 6.15 km long and 18.10 m wide bridge started on 7 December, 2014.
Today the Padma Bridge is visible. The bridge of pride stands today. As a result of the construction of the Padma Bridge with its own money, the economic potential and image of Bangladesh have been established all over the world. A bold decision by the Prime Minister has earned him international recognition as a self-confident, determined statesman. Bangladesh’s economic progress, continuous GDP growth, and improvement of Bangladesh’s position in various social indicators are recognaized internationally today. The sacrifices made by the Prime Minister for this bridge, the success of the implementation of the Padma Bridge project have made that sacrifice justified. Initially, the construction cost was low, but later it increased a few points and stood at USD 3.868 Billion. Both construction time and construction costs increased. Although there are differing views on construction costs, the most promising thing is that the bridge has been completed and will be open to the public in June.
The bridge is deeply connected with politics, economics, culture and social phenomenon.  Building the bridge was a major political challenge for Bangladesh. After opening the bridge, the country’s economy will rise up. The structure of the country’s economy will change.
There will be massive development of agriculture. The bridge will create a groundbreaking chapter in the transportation of agricultural commodities from the southwestern region to capital. Farmers will get good prices for their produce. Extensive industrialization will take place in the southwestern region of the country centered on the Padma Bridge.
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