Moreh as Las Vegas

Free Thinker
I had never been to Las Vegas in the United States, one of the biggest entertainment cities in the world.  I heard many things about unfettered adult entertainment in Las Vegas. The city is also called the ‘Sin City’ by those who are jealous of its excessive nocturnal activities.
My friend Umakant went to Las Vegas; he told me that – it is a strange world altogether.  Amazing illumination, non-stop nightlife, and no one is active during daytime except government servants. Brisk business starts only in the evening and goes on till dawn.  All kinds of unsanctioned activities are in vogue. If you have enough money you can pamper yourself like anything. You can enjoy gambling (Casino), drinking, dining, or spending quality time with strippers, hookers, dancers, and musicians - the list is endless.  You can fly in and out through charter flights, hover around in choppers, and move anywhere in taxis.  Police harassment is nil; rather they help the drunks, fallen on the streets, give clothes to the naked, supply water to the unconscious, and the injured are taken to hospitals. No arrest, only rest is the norm. The so-called obnoxious activities are either legalized or accepted in the city. Perhaps murder is taken as an offense.
He narrated his experiences a long time back, as soon as he had come back from Las Vegas. They had a Board meeting in Vegas. Since he is the India Head, he had to attend it. He stayed in a 7 Star hotel at the expense of the Company. Hospitality is beyond comparison with our local famous hotels. They provide anything and everything – at a price. Las Vegas is perhaps the highest revenue earning city in the USA, for amusement and entertainment.
Moreh town has all the prerequisites and paraphernalia of becoming a Las Vegas of the oriental world.   We need to provide the necessary legal and material support to start with.  The weather condition is more or less the same – hot summer, warm transitional seasons, and short winter, not so cold. Both Moreh and Vegas have water supply problems. It can be sorted out. Vegas is drawing water from Lake Mead. Moreh can get water from Manipur/Imphal River or from the streams nearby.
Infrastructure has to be upgraded at the global level – big hotels, airports, helipads, and excellent road connectivity must be there.  Moreh should be treated as a peace zone both by India and Myanmar and if possible by the international community - a safe zone for everyone from fugitives to political evacuees. As long as they are inside the city, no one should be arrested or permitted to be arrested. But no visitors should be allowed to stay forever. It should be a safe haven for just a specific period. The local population should be the real guardian of the city.
National and International security agencies should be allowed to enter and operate inside Moreh only when it is extremely necessary. State police with the help of the local natives must take care of the city. A  Police Commiserate, a Mayor, and a Metropolitan Judge may run the affairs of the city.
I am not promoting or protecting sin/crime; this is just a lucrative deal;  the ground reality is that Moreh has the potential to develop like Las Vegas. A peculiar legal support and massive material up gradation is required to start with. Once a system is in place and worked out properly supporters and investors will flow in. Moreh town can be converted into a vibrant city in no time. A strong political will and a committed Team with full local support can make it happen.
We need to explore whether Moreh can also be developed as a Free Trade Zone or a Special Economic Zone. That will become more convenient to bring about a commercial metamorphosis there. Then Moreh town will become a city in the Far East where you can do business and also have fun simultaneously. Once it gets State protection, legal backing, and requisite infrastructure it will become a wonderful hub for entertainment, business, commercial transactions, and trading. A robust economy is foreseen.
Frankly speaking, I don’t know the nitty-gritty of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) or Free Trade & Warehousing Zones(FTWZs). But these economic zones sound good for Moreh; if we can avail of one for Moreh, it will help in its flourishment. I heard that so far we have 8 SEZs out of which 7 are operationalized. And out of 8 FTWZs four are notified and 3 are operationalized. A huge lobby is required to bring one such zone to a tiny border state like Manipur.
Nothing is impossible as long as the Hon. The PM is giving prime importance to NE and treats the region as one of the growth engines of the country  – linking it with the most prospective & futuristic Act East Policy – for an economic boom in north-eastern India.
Start dreaming of Moreh emerging as a Las Vegas – hub of adult entertainment & trade. It is just a business proposition, take it or throw it.