Education for whom ? We don’t need no education

The drug menace is very serious. Here’s hoping, praying that the powers that be have taken due note of it. The state government has given the impression that drug dealers are being pulled up and this must have been good news to everyone concerned. The unfortunate however is no big figures have ever been named, even now, after all the big catches. The question that arises is who are the big faces and why is the State Government keeping quiet on this. The answer to this is what the people want. The people like you, me, the tombas, the hongbas, the Chaobas want. And as long as the government keeps quiet on this it means it can never earn the belief of the people. And talking about drugs and other social ills in society, the efforts of everyone is needed especially from the side of the government. Hey, is anyone listening? This is a point which the Sangai Express has always been raising such as who are the “ owners” of such huge seizure cases. For example, there was a huge drug seizure case on the Imphal-Dimapur highway some days back with the seizure of the drugs costing crores of rupees. Now who has the financial backing to carry/mastermind such a huge operation. The answer should be obvious to all. The Sangai Express does not need to spell this out.
The Sangai express has always stood against the drug menace and will continue to do so. And the biggest challenge that seems to lie ahead is the unwillingness of the powers that be to take it headlong. Why this is so could be anyone’s answer and it is best left to the choice of the readers. Now coming back to drugs, these are all in a way related to the state of education in Manipur. A state of education that we see today where a class 10 student scoring 70% in his board exams is not at all considered meritorious, while a 90 percenter student is being hailed. The question is when a 70 percenter student is not being given the opportunity to shine in their further studies, what type of a future are we encouraging? And this goes particularly for all the private schools in Manipur, and here is hoping the Chief Minister is listening. The primary point is education has to go with self- consciousness and the ability to tell young kids to say a Big NO to intoxicants. The fight starts with all parents, teachers, elders of the family and society as a whole.