Prime Minister Modi has changed India’s destiny

Anurag Singh Thakur
Contd from prev issue
This burst of exuberance we see, the confidence among Indians that they can do it because PM Modi believes it can be done, is all pervasive. Our sportspersons, among the finest examples of ‘Young India’ and inspired by the ‘can do’ Modi Mantra, are excelling and bringing home trophies that we could only dream of earlier. Bollywood is no longer only about popular culture of a certain variety.
Our hugely talented film industry has stepped forward to combine creativity, culture and technology to produce world class content that can compete with the best globally.
Entertainment media and technology have merged seamlessly to make India a content sub-continent, an ideal platform for content producers around the world. India is poised to be both the largest consumer as well as producer of content. Recognition has come, most recently, by way of India being designated this year’s ‘Country of Honour’ at Cannes.
The vastness of what India is – and what the world is yet to discover about this great nation – is exemplified by the gifts PM Modi carries with him for world leaders. No two gifts are similar, no two gifts come from the same place.
Each is unique, each symbolises a tiny piece of the great mosaic of India’s soft power in its truest sense; each celebrates the greatness of India’s achievements and accomplishments as a civilisational nation.
Today, India can send a mission to Mars and Moon; India can make supersonic missiles and aircraft carriers; India can produce the finest creative minds; India can rapidly cover the infrastructure gap; India can manage a debilitating pandemic better than other countries and restart its economy faster than anybody else; India can effectively reduce poverty and inequality; and, India can stand tall as the world’s largest democracy.
As India celebrates the 75th anniversary of its independence, it must be recognised that in these eight years PM Modi has laid the foundation for India’s unrestrained rise for decades to come.
India shall continue to prosper at home and India’s stature shall continue to rise in the comity of nations. As an ancient civilisation takes its rightful place in today’s world, India shall be acknowledged as Vishwa Guru – a self-confident and self-reliant nation that leads and inspires. PM Modi has truly and irrevocably changed the course of India’s destiny. PIB
The author is India’s Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting and Sports & Youth Affairs