Federation of Haomee demands clarification

IMPHAL, Jun 19
Federation of Haomee has demanded Professor Amar Yumnam to submit an application to School of Interdisciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary Studies, IGNOU, New Delhi for the cancellation of Brigadier Sushilkumar's thesis "Socio-Economic Roots of Insurgency in North East India'' (2015).
In a statement, FOH has alleged that page 58 of Chapter 3 in Brigadier Sushilkumar's thesis mentions that on October 15, 1949 only 700 square mile area of Manipur merged with India.
In this regard, Professor Amar Yumnam, who alongwith Dr Sadananda Sahoo acted as supervisors for this particular thesis, clarified on June 15 that no mention of only 700 sq miles of Manipur merging with India had been made in the thesis, the statement shared.
However, FoH has claimed that a digitally uploaded version of this thesis (at https://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/226349) mentions this piece of information in the aforementioned chapter and also credits Dr Amar Yumnam and Dr Sadananda Sahoo as supervisors.
This thesis is available worldwide for anyone to read, the statement maintained.
FoH has opined that the erring party in this connection ought to be held accountable and the State Government must also take prompt action.
As such, FoH has added that Professor Yumnam Amar cannot simply claim that the controversial statement is not included in the thesis. But if he remains resolute on his stand then he must call for the cancellation of Brigadier Sushilkumar Sharma's thesis, FoH demanded.