Manipur Lokayukta : Fighting a battle against corruption at high places

Oinam Nabakishore Singh
Of late, Manipur Lokayukta has been in the news. Display advertisements have also been issued by it in the front pages of leading local newspapers calling upon the public to cooperate with it in the fight against corruption in Manipur. The tagline was “be Vocal… Cooperate with us to Stop Corruption”. Manipur Lokayukta Act was passed by the Manipur Legislative Assembly in 2014, and it came into force on the 3rd October, 2014, the date on which the Act was notified in the Official Gazette of Manipur. After a lapse of about five years, the Manipur Lokayukta was established by appointing its members and Chairperson in June, 2019.
The Lokayukta shall consist of a Chairperson and two other Members, of whom one shall be a Judicial Member. A person shall be eligible to be appointed as a Chairperson of Lokayukta, who is or has been a Chief Justice of a High Court or a Judge of a High Court or an eminent person who fulfills the eligibility specified in clause (b) of sub-section (3) of Section 3 of Manipur Lokayukta Act. A person shall be eligible to be a Judicial member if he is or has been a Judge of a High Court. The other Member should be a person of impeccable integrity, outstanding ability having special knowledge and expertise of not less than twenty-five years in the matters relating to anti-corruption policy, public administration, vigilance, finance including insurance and banking laws, and management and not less than fifty years of age.
The office of Manipur Lokayukta is located at Directorate Complex, 2nd MR Gate, North AOC, Imphal. All complaints  relating to corruption shall be sent to Manipur Lokayukta. It will be good to read the Manipur Lokayukta Act and Rules framed under the Act, which are available at the website, To lodge a complaint against a public servant, the same has to be done by filling Form 1 under the Rules. The complainant has also to affirm an affidavit as given in Form 2 of the Rules. Both the forms can be either obtained from the office of Lokayukta or can be copied from Rules. Further, a Demand Draft of Rs.1000.00 in favour of Secretary, Manipur Lokayukta has to accompany the complaint. A court fee of Rs.5.00 will also be fixed on the complaint in Form 1.
Manipur Lokayukta has an Inquiry Wing, which will conduct preliminary inquiry into the offence alleged to have been committed by the public servant. Lokayukta also has a Prosecution Wing to  file cases in accordance with the findings of the investigation report before the Special Court. Procedure of prosecution shall be as in relation to offences punishable under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.
Unlike Vigilance and Anti-corruption Department, Lokayukta has jurisdiction to inquire or cause inquiry into any allegation of corruption against Chief Minister, Minister, Members of Legislative Assembly, officers of State Govt., officers of any body or Board or Corporation or statutory body of the State Govt., etc.
Manipur Lokayukta is now playing a great role to ensure cleanliness in public life in Manipur. It is now visible to the people through its actions. However, without the help and cooperation of the public and whistle blowers in the government, it will be very difficult for the Manipur Lokayukta to fight a formidable battle against corruption.