Action of Govt needs to be backed Demolition drive

The BJP led Government seems to be intent on this and this is something which needs to be backed by all concerned. Demolition drive can never be easy and it needs conviction and this is something which should be lauded by all concerned. Illegal constructions and the Government should understand this drive not only in the context of the structures that have sprung up along river banks but study how new settlements have sprung up in the hills and valley areas of Manipur.  It is difficult to believe that the new settlements  could be legal. The real essence of enforcing the Inner Line Permit System in Manipur should be understood. It is to check the incursions of outsiders to Manipur and while the State has immense pull factor, it is the job of the Government of the day to regulate  the inflow of non-locals. The demolition drive that has been launched should be understood in all senses and that is to stop folks from illegally occupying any space out there.  This point should be understood in the context of the whole of Manipur and not just the structures that have sprung up on the river banks. Perhaps the Govt may think of framing a law that can check the proliferation of new settlements. This is one issue that needs the undivided attention of the Government.  With more than 30 MLAs  in the Assembly, the Biren Singh led Government has the mandate and there should be no reason why it cannot take tough decisions. The decisions  may not always appear 'friendly' but tough decisions are needed for the development and welfare of the people and the State.  This is where the BJP may take all the other political  parties  into confidence and go about implementing the needed steps taken up.
Look beyond the river banks and identify all the Illegal structures that have come up. And when one talks about Illegal structures, the Government too should take into account the point that the structures have come up to house people.  Who are the people? This is one question that should accompany  the demolition  drive.  Cast the net wider is one suggestion that may be offered to the Government. Look at the hills and the valley.  Comb through every kilometer  of Manipur and nail the intruders. This may take time and yes kick up a whole lot of issues but Manipur definitely needs some tough decisions at this point.  Go for it and let the demolition  drive be guided by vision and let the people realise that it is for the good of the land and the future.  One hopes that the demolition drive is also not for good media coverage but is aimed at the overall good for the State and the people.  And if there are any who have been backing the coming up of new and illegal structures let the Government demonstrate that it means business and crack down on such elements.