Student bodies ban import of clothes having similar pattern with traditional clothes

IMPHAL, Jun 22
At least six student organisations have boycotted the import of garments which have a similar pattern with Manipur traditional clothes to the State.
The student organisations which placed the restriction are AIMS, AMSU, DESAM, KSA, MSF and SUK.
In a joint statement, the student organisations stated that the socio economy of Manipur has greatly been affected by various factors and  the State largely depends on India to meet its requirements.
Stating that Manipur used to be a self-reliant kingdom before the merger with the Union of India, the organisations cautioned that the State will disappear if the Manipuris of the present generation don't study the ever changing socio economy of Manipur and make things right.
The student organisations opined that the biggest factor which causes the shrinkage of the State's economy lies in the bilateral political relations between Manipur and India.
Continuing that the State is yet to move ahead of agrarian economy in the 21st century when the economy of other States and countries have progressed considerably, the statement added that agriculture and handloom and handicraft are the backbone of the State's economy.
Further stating that the bringing in of machine made cheaper garments with the pattern of traditional Manipur clothes have greatly affected the artisans and weavers in the State, the student organisations continued that the people of Manipur also favour the garments sourced from other States as they are cheaper.
Saying that the weavers in Manipur could not make much profits due to the continuous inflow of duplicate Manipur traditional clothes from other States, the student bodies cautioned that this widespread availability of duplicates in the keithel poses a serious threat to the economy and cultural value of Manipur.
There is also a need to expeditiously seek GI tag for our traditional clothes, it said and added the State will cease to exist in future if "we don't imbibe a sense of economic Nationalism."
The student organisations also urged the State Government to ban the bringing in of duplicate traditional clothes of Manipur from other States so as to save the weavers and artisans of Manipur.
It also appealed to the people of Manipur to not buy the duplicate clothes and use the genuine one, even at Government and private establishments including schools and colleges.