Calm frayed nerves : KSO to Govt

Our Correspondent
CCpur, Jun 22 : The Kuki Students' Organisation, Churachandpur today urged the State Government to put an end to the unending brazen, unequal and discriminatory treatment of different communities in Manipur else tension will only escalate.
Manipur is a “mini India” where multiple ethnic groups co-exist within the territorial boundary that was arbitrarily demarcated by the British during its colonial rule. The people of the State have been living together following the principle of “unity in diversity” which the Indian State dearly cherishes, said a statement issued by the student body.
It added that the diversity of the State has led to development in different sectors of the society and economy, and places the people ahead in different walks of life. ‘Nevertheless history of the State has taught us that this diversity has to be managed carefully in the most inclusive way with fairness,’ added the statement.
However, the KSO Churachandpur said ‘in recent times several Government policies lack fairness in the treatment of certain groups of its citizens leading to segregation.
‘These unequal treatments have led to mental balkanization of different communities of the State resulting in increasing divide between them. Instead of maintaining the intricate ethnic relations, the Government has chosen to take side. This is glaringly evident in how hate-speeches are handled in the State. Habitual offenders of certain groups are exonerated, despite several complaints being filed under the law of the land. On the other hand the misdemea-nors committed by hill people, particularly the Kukis, are promptly booked suo moto,’  added KSO.
The student body urged all to promote mutual respect and understanding.