Intensive vegetable rice rotation

Sagolsem Sumanglal Singh, SMS (PBG), KVK, Thoubal
Contd from previous issue
· After one month of cabbage and cucumber bhindi was planted by dibbling long the sloping sides of the plots
· After another half month when the cucumber harvest started trailing, French bean (local) was dibbled in between the cucumber hills. Bhindi and French bean were relay crops of cucumber and cabbage intercrop after the French bean started to flower rice (CAU R-1) was sown in May under direct seeded dry sown condition as relay and mixed crop on the vegetable plots and inter culture of the French bean beds was done to incorporate the rice seeds into the soil.
· French bean harvest was completed earlier during which the bhindi harvest also started and continued until the rice was about to mature.
After the harvest of rice, potato pumpkin relay or intercropping was taken up very successfully. In this method, previously prepared pumpkin seedlings were planted along the sides of potato plots when the potato reached about the height of ½ ft.
Crops during October, 2015 – February, 2016 before the actual crop sequence of the present study 2016 March
Potato + pumpkin after direct seeded dry sown rice
Cost of cultivation for the whole year
Cabbage + Cucumber = Rs. 51000.00
Bhindi = Rs. (2000.00 + 9000) = Rs. 29000.00
French bean = Rs. 1600.00 (self-produced seed) + 12000.00 = Rs. 13600.00
Rice = Rs. 240.00 (for seed of 8 kg @ Rs. 8 kg-1) + 4000 (for Reaping) + 1700.00 (for heaping) + 3000.00 (machine threshing) = Rs. 4940.00
Potato = Rs. 80000.00
Total = Rs. 178540.00
Gross income:
Cabbage = Rs. 105000.00
(To be contd)