Intensive vegetable rice rotation

Sagolsem Sumanglal Singh, SMS (PBG), KVK, Thoubal
Contd from previous issue
Cucumber = Rs. 180000.00
French bean = Rs. 159000.00
Bhindi = Rs. 60000.00
Rice = Rs. 54000.00
Potato = Rs. 240000.00
Total = Rs. 798000.00
Net Profit (Rs. 798000.00 – Rs. 178000.00)
= Rs. 6,20,000.00
B:C = 4.5
Lessons Learnt
· Rice crop was assured with very less cost of cultivation
· No cracking of the soils even during very severe drought as the soil was not puddled
· Easy to work the soil for the next crop of rice where the potato haulm and pumpkin runner could be ploughed in for rice under SRI
· Minimum tillage for the relay or other crops on the farm
· Different items could be sold at the same time to the benefit of both producer and buyer. The buyers could get different items for their market without searching.
· Crops could be taken in a year
· Crop failure is reduced as, if one fails compensated by other, the next rice can be again sown as mixed crop under direct seeded dry sown condition after vegetables
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