"A few people behind the impasse in Wushu Association of Manipur"


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By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jun 27 : Founder member of Wushu Association of Manipur, M Biramani has termed that the "present impasse" within the Wushu Association of Manipur is the "creation of a few people".
M Biramani was addressing a press conference held at Nahabam in the presence of representatives of Imphal East, Imphal West and Bishnupur District Wushu Associations.
Reacting to statements of few civil societies organisations widely covered in various dailies regarding the impasse, he stated that it was very unfortunate to learn that a committee will be formed to conduct State team trial for upcoming National championships from July 1 and asked which district association will be sending their representatives in the trial.
Noting that the Registrar of Societies has added further woes by creating "duplicates of Imphal East, Imphal West and Bishnupur District Associations", Biramani also stated that the Wushu Association of Manipur is set to conduct trials from June 29 onwards with the approval of National federation and necessary arrangement for observer from the National Association (Wushu Association of India) has been made.
Downplaying the remark that the Wushu Association of Manipur has been defunct for 3 decades, Biramani maintained that the State Wushu team have been instrumental in boosting State's medal tally at the National Games held at Assam, Ranchi and Kerala besides securing top places in various National age group championships.
A few people and their attempt to administer the association in their own interest is the cause of the present uncertain and confusing situation, he alleged while taking names of two persons who moved the Court to create further confusion. Since then one civil organisation has been monitoring the function of the Wushu Association of Manipur, he added.
Following the impasse, provisions for assistance and incentives to Wushu players have been halted, he rued.
He also expressed regret to learn the false allegation that there has been no documents related to Wushu Association of Manipur since 2007 by some person and continued that the allegation was baseless and approved audited documents of the Wushu Association of Manipur are carefully maintained at the office of Registrar of Societies.
Maintaining that the founder members of the association are alive, he said that if the confusion regarding the parallel district associations is settled, the whole issue will come to an end. While seeking intervention from various quarters of the society in settling the issue, he also upheld that the proposed trials from June 29 for the upcoming National championships will undergo as planned.