“Support Don’t Punish” campaign today

IMPHAL, Jun 29 : “Support Don’t Punish” a global, grassroots campaign supporting harm reduction and drug policies that prioritise human rights and public health will be held on June 30, 2022 at the office premises of Care Foundation, Bishnupur.
The Association of Drug Users Manipur (ADUM) in collaboration with Manipur Network of Positive People (MNP+), Social Awareness Service Organization (SASO), Care Foundation and Harm Reduction Network Manipur (HRNM) will continue to organise the campaign which started in 2002 with specific focus on the needs and circumstances of women and non-binary people who use drugs, said a press release by ADUM.
“Support Don’t Punish” aims to put harm reduction on political agendas by strengthening the capacity of communities of drug users and their allies to mobilise, opening dialogue with policy makers and raising awareness among the media and the public, added the release
Further ADUM informed all to contact [email protected] [email protected] in claiming the basic rights for women and non-binary people who use drugs and societies as a whole.