Upliftment through seedling production and value chain management of King Chilli

Dr Priyadarshini Salam
Contd from previous issue
Processing of King chilli
As King Chillies have a soft texture and high water content its quality deteriorates oer time hence they are to be processed immediately after harvesting as well as to avoid any fugal growth. Usually, the king chillies are dried under sunlight.
4. Evidence/Impact: King Chilli and its value chain management for maximizing income
Fresh king chilli fruits= 70 kg (from 4-5 bags)= Rs. 10,000 Selling price (average)=Rs. 30,000/kg …….(B)
Weight of dried pulp= 20 kg Total income = A + B= Rs. 60,000
Selling price (average)= Rs. 1500/kg Cost of labour (15 labours) = Rs. 200 x 15= Rs. 3000
Return= Rs. 30,000…….(A) Net Income=Rs. 60,000 – 13000=Rs. 47,000
Weight of king chilli seeds= 1 kg B : C = 3.6
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