8 years of Modi Govt: Turning decades old governance narratives on its head

Rajeev Chandrasekhar
Contd from previous issue
And even as world’s economies falter and sputter, PM Modi’s steady economic policies has resulted in India being the fastest growing major economy in the world, attracting the highest ever FDIs ( US $ 83.57 ). India also set new records in highest ever Goods  (US $ 400 Bn) and Services exports (US $ 254 Bn). Digital India, to a large extent, played a significant role in India’s resilient response to the pandemic. It ensured that the Government could reach out to people in the remote parts of the country.
Health, education and other essential services migrated swiftly to the online mode. It would not be an aberration to say that post Covid, India emerged as a preeminent Nation in use of technology for a resilient economy, citizenry & governance.
Thanks to the relentless hard work and focus on the future of New India of PM Narendra Modi, India post Covid has emerged as a trusted partner to the world and we are reimagining our ambitions and roadmap to a 10 trillion dollar economy. The Rapid Digitalization of the world along with a new focus on trust in the global supply chains for digital products and services presents tremendous opportunity to India in general and its youth in particular. PM Narendra Modi has referred to coming decade as New India’s Techade.
Young Indians, Startups are presented with opportunities like never ever before in the history of India as a result of the last 8 years of dedicated hard work of PM Narendra Modi’s Government and it is now up to all of us in a collective Sabka Prayas to realize and actualize New India’s Economic potential and opportunity.

The writer is Minister of State for Electronics & IT, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship PIB