RSS chief sounds logical

Free Thinker
A few days back RSS Chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat (Sarsanghachalak) said in Nagpur, “We  can’t  change  history. Neither  today’s Hindus nor Muslims created it. It happened that time…. After Ayodhya it was made clear that the organization (RSS) would not be part of any movements….there is no need to raise fresh disputes  every day ……”. This is a great moment for all the  right  thinking citizens that a leader like Mohanji  has taken  such a remarkable stand.
The message is loud and clear – we have to live together - the future is more important than the past. Respect one another’s faith. Multiculturalism should be the norm if we have to live in harmony. Past is passed. Future is more important. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sanamahis and all others must coexist.  
We can’t simply side-line 18 crore people. They are also part and parcels of this great nation. Again we can’t ignore 2 crore Christians. They are also our brothers and sisters.  Hindu Rashtra does not mean rashta  for Hindus only . Indulging in politics using religious and linguistic sentiments should not be encouraged. It propagates hatred in the society and corrodes the very foundation of unity and integrity.
Our politics should be based on development, welfare, common cause, minimizing corruption & social evils, cultural synchronization and co-existence. Doing politics in the name of religion, language, caste, region, ethnicity, community may receive instant high dividends but it hurts the very foundation of the country. By playing such sensitive cards, we may capture power; but in the long run – it is self-defeating .
Parties may play the majoritarian card – it can win elections after elections; but in the long run the society will be badly dismembered.  Passing over the minorities and adivasis may have far reaching consequences.  They can play havoc in the society, if they are pushed to the wall. Forget crores of people, just a few thousand can create unimaginable problems. So, the best path is to live together harmoniously - respecting one another’s sentiments, culture and faith. I am not preaching but just sharing a thought.
Serious disputed matters can be settled through courts or mutual agreements. There is no need to go on agitations for anything and everything. This assertion will go a long way. This sounds logical and quite acceptable. I strongly believe that Mohanji  is giving the right diksha to his disciples or followers. I am eager to see him, last time I missed him by a whisker; I am a very small fry in front of Sarsanghchalak but I have a few issues to raise and get resolved - ST issue, Land rights(hill-valley), International boundary, Naga Peace settlement, Golden Triangle(infringement), Prohibition etc.
Mohanji said,” Hindus must understand that Muslims are their own people. Only their faith was changed. If they want to come back, we must welcome them with open arms. Even if they do not want to , there is no reason to be displeased.   Indians already worship multiple deities. There are many faiths in the country. And Muslims may remain as one of them.” There can be any argument against this reasonable and rational proposition. Multifarious religion, myriad culture, innumerable dialects and languages are indispensable parts of this country. That is the uniqueness and beauty of this country called India.
Mohanji while addressing a training program of some seven hundred swayamsevaks in Nagpur a few days ago made these wonderful remarks – which has stolen the limelight from other national news of the day. What a master stroke Sir ji. Regarding Gyanvapi , he made it very clear the matter is in the court. Let it be decided by the competent Court. He also emphasised that Sangh does not support claims from across the country regarding numerous sites “Why look for Shivling in every Mosque?”The message is fair and clear to Sangh  Parivar.
BJP is the political wing of the RSS – it is the most powerful wing. Sometimes it appears that RSS is under BJP. But organizationally, it is not – BJP, though having more membership than RSS, is still the political wing of RSS. BJP has crossed 18 crore membership whereas RSS has just crossed 6 million. That does not mean that BJP controls RSS; rather it is the other way round. Quite often we have the impression that its political wing is giving advice to the Mother organization. It is not done.
I am yet to be convinced by the Bauddkhik wing of RSS but I am really impressed by their Seva and Sampark Wings. Their level of dedication is unmatched. I have been watching them for the last 22 years or so.  Their political wing may lose power anytime but Sangh never loses its strength because of the spirited swayamsevaks.
Whether the organization has a Muslim Manch , Christian Cell, Parsi  Posse, Buddhist Band, or Sanamahi Sect, I am not sure  .However, these will certainly strengthen the Sangh Parivar. What about Maharaja being made the head of Sanamahi Sect(one more wing). I am told that RSS has 46 wings, some more may be added. Mohan ji.