Blight of Nature

M Minakshi Devi
The Earth’s crust that briskly burns,
Thick toxic smog suffocates every lungs.
Brown pasture unfurl o’er the lith
Yet hunger stricken critter relish,
As sparks ignite all that we’ve lost.
An explosion of oil spills,
The black sludge spreads forth,
Marine friends left smothered to die.
The North of our melts with every beat,
Crumbling Species o’er the Arctic hem.
The Earth radiates heat of mankind’s worldly greed.
But ignorant hands still fuel the fierce fire.
The earth-land turns soot and ash,
Utterly silent except for the gushing wind, Some mysterious intermittent drought and famine zone.
Tall Trees that once adorned the sweet water bank,
Now those seen with just stumps where the old rest.
Just a handful of bereaved trees
Stood bowed lamenting the blight of Nature.
A looming food riots, off seasonal floods and storms,
Grid failures, global pandemic and wrecked harbours.
Whom to hold liable? Whom as we may ask?
Blind eyes witness the misfortune hue.
For, this short sighted generation do believe
The Art of killing rather than nurturing Nature.