Story of Bangladesh’s Padma bridge : More than just a bridge ?

Dr Malika-e-Abida Khatta
Contd from previous issue
Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh HasinaWajed, the epitome of her country’s development, showed the confidence and foresight by creating a world example like Padma Bridge. She had to walk on the path of huge obstacles but she has reached her destination. She established the truth by firmly confronting the conspiracy that was spread at the birth of the bridge.
The Padma Bridge bears the signature of Ms. Hasina Wajed’s visionary leadership. The world got a chance to know once again the capacity of Bangladesh in Hasina era. Bangladesh is a country that has repeatedly shown its capabilities.
Work on the Padma Bridge was about to close. The World Bank withdrew its pledge on false charges of corruption, and other donors followed suit. The future of the Padma Bridge was under a threat and the construction work of the Padma Bridge became uncertain. World Bank and donors turn their backs. Critics then burst out laughing, creating a flurry of negative comments that it will not be possible for Hasina to build Padma Bridge.
The World Bank stopped financing to construct the bridge without holding board meeting with the connivance of a person bringing a false corruption allegation which was later proved baseless.Canada court didn’t find no proof of Padma bridge bribery conspiracy.
The then communications minister Abul Hossain had to resign from the cabinet. This was the beginning picture of the construction of the Padma Bridge.    (To be contd)