Tough talk against drug menace Waiting for tough action

Chief Minister N Biren talked tough, a video clip of which has gone viral on the social media. And people seemed to love it with many sharing the same clip and passing their own comments. It only remains to be seen if that tough posture/talk will translate into some tough action. Here is hoping it does, and it goes without saying that a War on Drugs has to go hand in hand with some well chalked out strategies or say a Masterplan, else it may just about end up as an exercise in shooting in the dark. Surely the Chief Minister cannot afford to do that or be seen to be doing that in the perception of the public. At the moment, Poppy plantation in the hills seems to be at the top of the Government agenda to take the fight to the drug cartel or drug business, and as repeated many times here, this fight will come near to fruition only when the Government comes to the point that it thoroughly needs to understand the land holding system of the two major tribal groups in the hills of Manipur, Kukis and Nagas. It is also interesting to note that the greening activities taken up by the Government in the hills of Manipur seem to have run into some obstacles, which again has brought under its ambit the question of whether there were any human settlement earlier which led to deforestation and leading to farming activities for survival including Poppy plantation, kicking up a series of interconnected questions. The chain thus runs along the question of from where the people of the new settlements have come and this again gives rise to the question of who are the people indigenous to Manipur and who are the latter settlers. Surely the War on Drugs campaign launched by the BJP led Government in its second avatar has kicked up a series of question, but these are all questions which will need to be dealt with one day or the other, what with the UNC and the COCOMI joining hands to tackle the question of illegal immigration.
The chain can be seen as finely linked with one another and it is tough to say whether Chief Minister N Biren envisaged this or had an inkling of such a development, when the BJP led Government took up the second edition of the War on Drugs campaign. Only time can tell, but it is important that the Chief Minister also demonstrate that he means business and perhaps the first step here would be to keep the people informed and answer the questions which have been left unanswered so far. What is the follow up story of the drug consignment worth over Rs 31 crore seized by Kangpokpi police on the National Highway some time back in May ? Has any big fish been netted after the seizure, other than the initial admission of the two persons held with the drugs that the consignment was handed over to them by a Head Constable of the Police Department ? Does the story end with the arrest of the Head Constable ?  Likewise no answers have been forthcoming on the follow up actions after drug manufacturing units were busted in different parts of Manipur. Naturally the question is, has any big fish been named so far in the War on Drugs ?