Coming of Manipur University in 1980 A defining moment in the history of higher education in Manipur

Dr AK Chishti
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It will aid in serving as a tool to empower themseves profitably.
On 11th April, 1980 the G6 poured out their feeling of excitement and joy to Oja Rishang on the historic decision taken by the Manipur Legislative Assembly Session on 8th April, 1980.
He was so nice that with a broad smile he in return gave the credit to G6 who he acknowledged were responsible for passing of the Bill. Now that the University has come so the teacher in the lead should do his best to convince students to focus their attention on the studies and not indulge in organising movement etc. The teacher responded to his advice and pleaded that always it would be very helpful if Oja himself as their guardian see them and advise. They can’t but obey his valuable advice. The teacher assured him of extending his full cooperation. The G6 also further requested that the University be properly setup as the situation demanded for a quick action. Oja Rishang narrated an account of his recent meeting with the Prime Minister and the Education Minister. The Govt. did its best to ameliorate the situation to somehow pass the Bill that even the draft Bill was not in proper form; only the cover was printed while the Bill body was cyclo-styled as it was considered an emergency case. Necessary amendments of the Act will also be made, degree exams will also be timely conducted. Appointment matters were there; due care should be taken, “Oja’ the teacher drew his attention. A committee would be constituted to take care of these things he assured. This was a part of a true tale. The event will always remain green in the minds of G6 members
Formation of Manipur University Welfare Organisation ( MUWO)
G6 to MUWO
On 13th July 1980, the forum was organised in a public meeting of mainly the academicians and students of University and colleges with (L) Shri S Gourahari Singh, Retd. Secy. Edn. to the Govt. of Manipur in the Chair in the best interest of the infant university in particular and education in general. In his presidential speech Shri Gourahari Singh appreciated the convenor and his associates for taking the initiative for such a great cause having a far reaching impact on the present society and generations. He appealed to all to make the organisation a strong and living body. Notable speakers like Sarvashri N Nabakishore Singh, M Radheshyam Singh, J Roy, SP Jain, L Damudor Singh, Y Mohendro Singh, etc. also welcomed the formation of MUWO with a clear purpose.
The consensus of all was that such a body would serve in abiding a useful purpose and would be conducive to the best interest of the speedy progress, efficient working and smooth functioning of the university. It was in short to bring the university in its full play with all the requisites and paraphernalia.
Some of the important matters/issues put up by the MUWO in 1980 were appointment of a competent Vice Chancellor, a Registrar, construction of administrative Block of the University, constitution of Senate, Syndicate and Academic Council, holding of exams and recognition of Manipur University by other Universities.