Story of Bangladesh’s Padma bridge : More than just a bridge ?

Dr Malika-e-Abida Khatta
Contd from last Wednesday
But after the construction work started, a great challenge came up. Bold and groundbreaking engineering skills were required in river governance and piling. At the same time construction costs continue to rise.
 The construction of the bridge was in full swing when Corona’s attack started. But the work of the bridge did not stop even for a single day due to the indomitable will of Sheikh HasinaWajed. Work on the Padma Bridge has moved forward by tackling Corona. When everyone saw that the work of the bridge was progressing under the leadership of Hasina Wajed, some dishonest and conspirators started spreading rumors.
Rumors were spread that man’s head would be needed to build bridges. The government has also dealt with it efficiently. It is not only the Padma Bridge that is being built due to the indomitable will of Sheikh Hasina, but also the work of Metro Rail and country’s biggest Tunnel is nearing completion. They will be open to the public this year. Many mega projects are going on at the same time.
Many projects including Rooppur nuclear power plant, Matarbari project, construction of Bangabandhu Railway Bridge over river Jamuna, construction of Pyra sea port, construction of Bangabandhu industrial city are remarkable. But the construction of the Padma Bridge was the most challenging of all.       (To be contd)