Relook and redefine Manipur looking back/going back to premerger days

RK Somorjit Singh
Looking at the present situation of demographic imbalances due to uncontrolled influx of people from neighboring countries (Nepal, Bangladesh & Myanmar), we the original ethnic communities of Manipur who are inhabiting/staying together from time immemorial/ancient times have to come together and help each other to "Relook & Redefine Manipur Looking Back To Premerger Era to India."
Why we need to go to the Premerger Era is because that is the only time we the original ethnic communities of the State can find many basis points for correction of all sudden and irregular rise of population in the State.
By looking into those records during the Premerger Era, we can find the actual number of villages, types of original ethnic communities living together as original inhabitants of the State. Through this process we can easily relate to the percentage growth of population in the State on a yearly basis and find out the localitywise, areawise and Statewide growth taking the National Average Or probable average or scientific calculation, to relook the actual growth percentages for specific areas for justification.
From this we can easily find out the illegal population coming from neighboring countries (Nepal, Bangladesh & Myanmar) paving the logical way for NRC and even the delimitation process of the country can be conducted peacefully for the betterment of the State.
And through this we can safeguard the boundary of the country from illegal migrants or influxes who came through the porous borders of the State from neighboring countries (Nepal, Bangladesh & Myanmar).
Coming to the point, by doing this we can reduce many communal tensions created by some vested interested illegal migrants in the guise of similar ethnic communities, using the power of human rights and Constitutional rights once they have voting rights through illegal means. Through this we can control unnatural population imbalances and demographic change/mix. And by doing this we can easily protect the indigenous original communities in terms of pride, culture, self-respect from those illegal migrants.
At the end we can have a peaceful State moving forward as a contributing State to the overall growth and GDP of the Nation.
"Jai Hind, Bharat Mata Ki Jai"
The writer is spokesperson BJP Manipur @ NE Live