Effects of excessive online gaming on children

Satyavan Saurabh
Contd from previous  issue
Gaming addictions cause physical, social, and emotional damage to health, poor sleep, appetite, career, and social life. Addiction can also cause insomnia, cause nearsightedness, withdrawal from social interactions, academic failure, and cause extreme anger and irritability.
First, the Center may take steps to block sites under Section 69A of the Information Technology (IT) Act to regulate online gaming. There is also a need for stringent measures to prevent illegal services from being advertised or broadcast online through direct or surrogate means. Second, a gaming authority should be created at the central level.
It can be made responsible for the online gaming industry, overseeing its operations, preventing social issues, suitably classifying games of skill or chance, overseeing consumer protection, and combating legality and crime. Third, since blocking illegal websites is under the Centre's jurisdiction, states can follow the Maharashtra Police's model to tackle digital piracy.
Fourth, consumer interest groups should be involved in anti-gambling efforts, to spread awareness and provide a platform to report illegal platforms. Fifth, the Center should put in place a comprehensive regulatory framework for online play of skills. To keep up with the global gaming industry, India must move beyond the skill-versus-chance debate.             (To be contd)