Nagas are one people : Naga Hoho

Newmai News Network
DIMAPUR, Jul 12: The Naga Hoho today said that Nagas are "bound to be together till eternity" and added, "Let us remember that Nagas are one people wherever they are, which is not by circumstances but by blood". The Naga Hoho also said that Nagas should not allow any authority on earth to divide them (Nagas) either emotionally or physically. "Nagas are bound to be together till eternity as it is God's given natural right and aspiration", the Naga Hoho asserted.
Nagas must collectively find a way for unity of purpose so that lasting peace with "acceptable political solution to our land" is ushered in. "We also appeal to all the Nagas to contribute one's intellect and resources towards inclusive unity of all the Nagas across the length and breadth of the Naga homeland so as to bring about a lasting peace," it added.
The Naga political solution must be for lasting peace in Naga homeland, said the Naga Hoho and appealed to the Naga people of all ages and professions to rise above any negativity or fictitious apprehensions. It further said that the prevailing dispensation of groupism, tribalism and regionalism has no future and cannot bring about any tangible solution towards common aspirations. The Naga Hoho added that the common goal should not be interpreted to suit one's political group’s interest as it will only help succeed the schemes of the adversaries to delegitimize ‘our legitimate right’.
According to the Naga Hoho, the rambling noises emanating from "our own land" are polarizing the Naga social fabric and creating an environment of fear and uncertainty especially to the younger generations. The Naga body also said that the young Nagas today deserve a peaceful environment to grow and progress in line with the rest of the world. As such, the Naga Hoho said, "It is our sincere appeal to all the political groups and the civil society organizations to avoid further counter press statements targeting each other but sit across the table and thrash out the differences to bring about a lasting political solution".
 The added that the Naga people must take into account the emerging political dynamics across the globe and the realities of geo politics evolving in the Asian theatre and explore new thinking to realize "our common aspiration for dignity". The statement added that the Naga peoples' hope for a political solution is for inclusive and honourable settlement at the earliest. "We must learn from the past mistakes which must make us wiser today", it added.
 The Naga Hoho added, "The wise says, 'When two brothers fight to death, a stranger inherits their property'". It added that whatever may be the reasons for the misunderstanding and disagreement among the families, "as fellow compatriots we must not fall into the trap of our enemy".
Today, according to the Naga Hoho, the adversarial forces have exerted more influences and are flexing their muscle through their hegemonic neo-imperialist agenda of cultural entrapment and inducement "not because Nagas have lost sight of our political history and rights but because of the disunity and divisions created within our society by the prolonged adversarial strategies that have complicated the complex Naga political issue".