Urea shortage: Manipur Loumi Lup cautions of intense agitations

IMPHAL, Jul 13
Manipur Loumi Lup has cautioned that if relevant authorities do not reveal the number of urea bags that have been handed over to District Agriculture Officers and distribute the same to farmers then it would invite a series of agitations from multiple farmers' bodies.
In a statement, Manipur Loumi Lup has also urged Governor La Ganesan to take up stringent action against the Agriculture Department and District Agriculture Officers for failing to facilitate smooth distribution of fertilizers to farmers in both the valley and hill areas.
The statement also called upon the Agriculture Minister to clarify why the responsibility of distributing urea had been placed upon MLAs and asserted that this is not part of an MLAs job.
Further, highlighting the suffering of farmers in regards to this fertilizer controversy, Manipur Loumi Lup said that farmers have been made to stand in long queues in front of the District Agriculture Office to procure merely 2/3 bags of subsidized fertilizer for six years running now and urged for immediate addressing of the prolonged issue.