VDF Guardian Association stages protests in Thoubal, Senapati


Our Correspondent
SPI/THB, Jul 14 : In separate instances, VDF Guardian Association of Thoubal and Senapati district staged sit-in-protests in their respective districts today calling for the relevant authorities to fulfil the demands of the Village Defence Force (VDF).
It may be noted that some of their demands include increasing the salary of VDF personnel, allotting 13 months honorarium, regularization of their services by framing rules and regulation, formation of a separate battalion for VDF personnel, implementing a pension system, among others.
The sit-in-protest in Senapati district was held at Senapati local ground and attended by family members and children of VDF personnel.
The protesters held placards and banners displaying messages like “Allot 13 months pay”, “regularize VDF personnel by framing R/R”, “we the parents and guardians stands for our sons”, “ until the demands are fulfilled, protests will be intensified”, "children of VDF deserve proper education” etc.
In Thoubal, the sit-in-protest was led by Khundrakpam Memma Devi and Moirangthem Binodini Devi, president and general secretary respectively of the VDF Guardian Association, Thoubal at Thoubal Khangabok New Bazar, a statement has informed.
The statement went on to say that the meagre sum of Rs 8500 that VDF personnel receive as salary is not enough to meet the needs of a family.
Prolonged inaction and indifference from the side of the State Government has led to this protest, the statement shared and cautioned of more intensified protests in the future if the demands are not met swiftly.