Stones removed

IMPHAL, Jul 16 : A team of RIMS dentists successfully removed two stones each measuring 4mm and 3mm in length from the left submandibular duct.
As per a press release issued by RIMS media advisor N Philip Singh, the team of dental doctors included Dr Koijam Sashikumar Singh, Dr Deepak Ningombam and Dr Albert Ashem.
Dr Sashikumar stated that just like in kidneys, stones may be found within the salivary glands and ducts and if stones are formed within the gland there may be pain and swelling of the involved gland located in the upper neck and ear region.
He further stated that infections within the gland and duct reduce salivary flow and water intake.
Accumulation of inorganic salts like calcium hydroxyapatite, whitlockite and octacalcium phosphate may lead to stone formation, he added.