Overpopulation, an Asset or a Curse

N Munal Meitei
Contd from previous issue
Our planet can offer a quality of life to not more than 2 billion people. Humans have a greedy tendency to want more and more in the name of development. Thus, there will come a time when population growth and welfare collide. That time, floods of people will trek all over the world searching for more food and welfare causing for political conflicts and wars.The only solution is a population policy applied on a worldwide scale. The business world and the religions are generally interested in population growth. In Manipur, the population impact to our environment is innumerable. To meet the requirement, many wetlands of the State have now turned into croplands and fish farms. But we know wetlands are the cradle for biodiversity. Hence, we should protect our wetlands and paddy fields by strictly implementing the Manipur Conservation of Paddy land and Wetland Act, 2014. Large scale poppy plantation, jhuming, deforestation etc. have given a big challenge to our environment too. Therefore until and unless we control the population explosion, we would not be able to save our environment and if we do not voluntarily accept this fact and take the responsibility, then we will surely be in an environmental dilemma within the next few years.