Weeding out Congress Grass (Parthenium hysterophorus L) from Imphal City through compositing

Prof N Irabanta Singh
Introduction : Congress Grass (Parthenium hysterophorus L.) is a menace to human beings, animals, environments and biodiversity. It has infested road sides of National and State highways including inter Assembly Constituency segment roads in Imphal city causing complete replacement of biodiversity. We need to take up certain measures for weeding out congress grass through composting in selected areas of Imphal city so that this harmful plant can be removed from the soil of Imphal areas.
Compost from Congress Grass due to continuous and large scale use of chemical fertilizers, fertility of land is decreasing gradually. Therefore, compost and bi-fertilizers is a boon for soil health. We can make compost from abundantly available biomass of congress grass. By making use of this weed, we can increase the productivity of our crop land whereas by weeding out of this harmful plant we can even earn money through composting from these waste materials.
Procedure for making compost from Congress Grass
Congress Grass biomass should be collected as far as possible before flowering for making compost by open pit method. The following steps are to be followed: (i) A pit of 3 x 6 x 10 feet (depth x width x length) is required at a place where water does not stagnate. Pit size can be increased or decreased but depth cannot be compromised, (ii) The surface and side walls of the pit need to be covered. It will protect loss of essential nutrients of compost by the soil surface, (iii) If stone chips are not available, make soil surface compact, (iv) 100kg of cowdung; 10 kg urea or rock phosphate, soil (1-2 qtl.) and one drum of water near the pit are to be arranged, (v) Huge collections of all Congress Grass plants from nearby areas are required, (vi) Spread about 50 kg of Parthenium biomass on the surface of the pit, (vii) Sprinkle 500g area or 3 kg rock phosphate, (viii) If possible add Trichoderma viridi or Trichoderma harzianum (cultured powder fungi) 50g per layer, (ix) All above noted constituents will make one layer, (x) Like first layer, make several layers till the pit is filled up to 1 foot height from the ground surface, (xi) Fill the pit in dome shape, (xii) While making layers, apply pressure by feet to make weed biomass compact, (xiii) If there is no soil with Parthenium roots then add (10-12) kg of loam soil on each layer, (ix) When pit is full with above layers, then cover it with mixture of cowdung, soil and husk,    (To be contd)