1st session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly

Prof (Dr) Nimai Chand Luwang
Contd from previous issue
The Secretary shall issue summons to each member specifying the date and place for a session of the House [at least 15 clear days] before the date so appointed; Rule 18. (1) Sittings of the House shall, subject to the direction of the Speaker, ordinarily take place from 11.00 hours to 17.00 hours with a break from 13.00 hours to 14.00 hours ; Rule 34. The last two and a half hours of every Friday shall be allotted for the transaction of Private Members’ Business and shall have precedence over official business unless the Speaker otherwise directs; Rule 44. Unless the Speaker otherwise directs, the first hour of every sitting shall be allocated for the asking and answering of questions (Question Hour); Motion After Introduction of Bills and Scope of Debate: Rule 153.
When a Bill is introduced, the member in-charge may make one of the following motions in regard to his Bill, namely:- (i) that it be taken into consideration, or (ii) that it be referred to a select committee or (iii) that it be circulated for the purpose of eliciting opinion thereon: Provided that no such motion shall be made until copies of the Bill have been made available for the use of members and that any member may object to any such motion being made unless copies of the Bill have been so made available for [ two clear days ] before the day on which the motion is made and such objection shall prevail unless the Speaker allows the motion to be made.
The recently concluded first session of the Manipur Legislative Assembly was summoned to meet at 10:00 am on 24th March 2022 through a notification dated the 22nd March 2022. Clearly, the provision for notice of 15 clear days was not observed.
The House met at 09:00 am on the 24th, 09:00 am on the 25th and at 11:00 am on 26th March 2022. Thus, the meeting hours for the three days have been observed to be inconsistent.
(To be contd)